Exhibition Time!

Things are getting very exciting in the studio. I have just signed my first edition of Giclee prints.

What bot web no border.jpg
Whose Bot Did What? Giclee print. 

The ever popular Whose Bot Did What? painting is now available as an archival quality Giclee print, signed and numbered by my good self, in an edition of 30.

It is printed on a thick luscious luxury paper at A1 size (aprox 594 x 841) It’s huge! But fits into an Ikea poster frame so you don’t have to pay a billion pounds for luxury framing.

(I think it’s sensible to have a plastic frame rather than a huge glass one in a room where people might be jumping on the sofa and throwing things. And it’s easier to hang.)


It costs £130 and they will go fast so do send me an email if you would like one.


This is all going on because I am having an exhibition kindly hosted by my wonderful friend Clementine Earl of Clementine’s Shop . It is a chance to show the work I did while I was artist in residence at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo and for me to launch my first range of Giclee prints.

There will be pigs

piggle 300.jpg
Kunekune Pig Giclee print

And parrots.

38 lovebirds.jpg
Love Birds Giclee print

All you could want really.

The exhibition is from Thursday 30th November 2017 to Sunday 3rd December 2017 at Lower Lawn Barns, Tisbury, Wilts SP3 6SG

Do come in and have a look because I will be bored and disappointed if nobody comes.

Flyer back 1.9MB.jpg

Flyer front 1.9MB.jpg

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