Join The Gang!


My name is Beatrice and I am going on an expedition to the Arctic Circle. Whilst I am on my adventures I will be making an illustrated book for children all about what I discover in the far north.

BvP join in.jpg
Join our arctic adventure gang

During workshops in schools I have had some great conversations with children about what they would like to know.

How do icebergs float? Why doesn’t it get dark in the Arctic Summer? How will I travel around? How cold will it be?

I hope to be able to answer these questions and I am going to use this blog to keep in contact as I go.

So I have got together some of my friends and created the one and only…

arctic adventure gang.jpg

The Arctic Adventure Gang founding members are:

Alfie Daisy

Finlay Jasmine

Noah Jake

Otis Sylv and Me

The last picture is me and Sylvie, she is a bit young to be in the Arctic Adventure Gang but she has kindly lent me her blue snood to keep my neck warm. So I think we’ll let her join us.

By using this blog we can all talk to one another whilst I am away. The gang can ask me questions and comment on what I see and do, together we can create a brilliant and interesting book for other children to enjoy.

Join the gang.

You can join in too! If you get a grownup to sign up to my blog they will receive an email telling them I have written something. You can read the blog together and you can write in to me and comment on what I am doing.

I would specially like you to ask me questions, what would you like to know about the Arctic Circle? If you want to email a photo of you holding your question I can post the picture on the blog.

Let’s make this book together and …

lets go and explore.jpg

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