Arctic Preparations.

This time next week I will be on a ship setting sail from Longyearbyen!

There is a website called Marinetraffic where you can see the progress of the Antigua as we sail around the islands. Apparently the ice is still quite thick for this time of year so I don’t know how far North we will be able to go. On this ice map you can see all the red bits are very close drift ice which we won’t be able to sail through. The grey bits are the islands we will be sailing around.

Screen shot 2017-06-05 at 18.31.33.png

Last week I met up with Tudor from, he has been teaching me how to take 360degree photographs so you can see the view all around. Here is one we made at the rock pools on Saltdean beach, hopefully I have been a good student and I will be able to take these pictures in Svalbard without Tudor’s help.

We have a new member of the Arctic Adventure Gang. I am pleased to welcome Gabriel.


Thanks gang for your questions so far, I will try to answer them as I find out more about the Arctic Circle.

5 thoughts on “Arctic Preparations.”

    1. It’s fun isn’t it, I hope I can remember how to do it when I am there – I’ve only had two lessons!
      Maybe I will be brave enough to climb up to the crows nest at the top of the ship’s mast, and take one from there.


  1. That is a wonderful photograph. I should like to know how to use the technique I’m really looking forward to seeing your adventure pics.

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